The Mut-Con online presence package

Entrepreneurs, particularly small business owners struggle to get their businesses online. We believe the Mut-Con online presence package to be the answer. 

Despite the internet being the great equalizer in the business world, many entrepreneurs still don’t enjoy its advantages. 


Whether due to a lack of knowledge or limited resources, for many business owners, the internet is not accruing as many advantages as they could be enjoying. 


In a world where eCommerce has helped even the smallest backyard manufacturer compete with the largest retailers, and social media has made micro-influencers almost as influential as some of the biggest names in any field, we have committed ourselves to reverse this trend. 


The Mut-Con online presence package is built to be affordable, making it possible for every entrepreneur to get online. 

Additionally, it comes with free consultations at every stage to help small business owners understand how the Internet could transform their businesses. 


As business consultants, we are proud of our package because we truly see it as an indispensable tool for anyone looking to start or grow their business

Together with the Mut-Con business starter package, the online presence package brings us closer to our dream of helping everyone pursue their dream of entrepreneurship.


Encompassing every aspect of our online presence solutions and including a lot of products in our partner ecosystem, it’s the perfect starting point for getting your business online. 

This is a package built for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs at heart and is built to help entrepreneurs like you succeed. 


While the package isn’t a one-and-done for everything your business needs to do online, it’s a great start. 

So what can you expect from our online presence starter package and how does it help you?


1-year domain and hosting

Every business needs a professional email address and online hosting space to host their website and other digital assets. 

While many may not realize it, a professional email address makes a bigger impression than an address from a generic email provider.


Think about it, which email would you take more seriously; an email from or an email from

You most likely picked the latter, and you are not the only one. Email marketing already works well for businesses and drives high returns, but many agree it works even better with a professional email address. 


That’s why email hosting is one of the first considerations in our online presence package. The package comes with a full year of hosting and a domain name of your choice. This includes::

  • Lightspeed website hosting (up to 5 websites)
  • 5 GB SSD Storage
  • Website Builder
  • SSL Security Certificate
  • Unlimited* Traffic
  • 5 Databases
  • 50 Mailboxes (email addresses)
  • Anti-SPAM
  • Anti-Virus
  • Webmail Access (view emails online)
  • cPanel (Control Panel)
  • Softaculous App Installer
  • WordPress Toolkit

With this package, you will not only be ready to start sending professional emails but you will be able to host any one of our websites or online stores. The best part is all of this is valid for a year, so you will not need to worry about it for a while.  


Email set-up

Setting up emails is a challenge our clients usually come across. 

Understandably, you have limited technical prowess and equally understandably you don’t find setting up your emails as easy as everyone makes it out to be. 


After all, you want to go into business to doi\ what you love and not invest in knowing the difference between POP3 and IMAP, or learn the intricacies of mailboxes, SSL and TSL, or even learning what an email client is. 


Whether you are looking for help with a free mail client like Thunderbird, MailSpring or Windows Mail, or are looking more at a paid option like Microsoft Outlook, our email hosting that you get with the online presence package comes with remote assistance to set up your emails from one of our internal technicians, or one of our outsourced service providers such as Stringer Consulting. 


There are a few terms to be observed with the service though, mainly:

  1. You should get your emails set up within a month of getting the online presence package,
  2. Should you wish to go with a paid email client, you will provide the email client,
  3. The setup is limited to 10 mail-boxes,
  4. You can sit in on the set-up to get an understanding of how to set up mailboxes in the future,
  5. All the emails setup must belong to the domain acquired under the online presence package,
  6. The free setup is limited to the initial set-up, any issues with mailboxes in the future may be subject to additional charges.


So take the hassle out of getting started with your emailing. 

Get yourself the Mut-Con online presence package today and get your team set up with one of the most important communication channels around.


Email signatures

Email signatures are an important marketing channel for businesses. They contain important information that can help you convert new and existing prospects. 

Unfortunately, many business owners do email signatures wrong. The most common instance of this mistake is using an image as a signature. 


This severely limits what you can achieve with your email signature. In addition to links like social media and your website not being clickable, image signatures are not responsive, which can lead to your email not displaying well in inboxes. 


Also, these images can add considerable weight to your emails which could potentially get them flagged as SPAM. 

All in all, image signatures are a big no; they don’t achieve much and can cause problems. 


But even for non-image signatures, poor design can be an issue. That’s where Mut-Con signatures come in. 

We build quality on-brand email signatures that contain essential information that allows your email recipients to take further action after your communication. 


This turns your email signature into an important tool for driving website traffic, building social media followers, increasing newsletter subscriptions and promoting blog readership. 

We use HTML and CSS to make email signatures responsive in any mailbox they are viewed in and to reduce the chances of your emails going to SPAM folders. 


We can make you a standard email signature or a signature designed to your own specifications and needs. 

Our email signatures work with HubSpot, Gmail, Outlook, Apple Mail, Yahoo Mail, and more. And you can get all of this just by signing up for our online presence package.


Mailchimp account

We love email marketing at Mut-Con. This is a big part of why we are a Mailchimp partner.

Email marketing presents a low-cost high-return marketing solution that every business should leverage. 


With a return of up to R40.00 for every R1.00 spent, no one can deny how well email marketing works

There is arguably no better place to get started with your small business marketing than with email marketing. 


That is why we have made it an essential part of our online presence package. Our service goes beyond just opening you a Mailchimp account

We start by helping you develop a comprehensive email marketing strategy.  There is a lot your business can achieve with email, and we want to help you get the most out of your efforts. 


Next, we help you optimize your Mailchimp account. This includes: 

  1. helping you fill in all the important information, 
  2. setting up your merge tags, 
  3. building a compelling welcome series that converts, 
  4. integrating with your other online assets including your website, social media and CRM,
  5. setting up important automations for your business, 
  6. grouping and segmenting your audience to set up your email campaigns for success,
  7.  and most importantly, getting you started with collecting subscribers. 


Once you have an ace Mailchimp account set up for success, we help you strategize your email campaigns. 

We help you craft engaging email newsletters that inform and sell in the right proportions. 

The best part is you get all of this on a free Mailchimp account and once you start seeing results from your efforts, we can help you scale up to the best Mailchimp plan.


Standard website package

Our standard website package is the centrepiece of our online presence package. 

We started off the package with a single-page website, but this simply doesn’t do enough for our clients. 


This is a package designed and recommended for our small business clients, so it does not skimp on anything. 

The website is designed and developed to our website development standards and is designed to help your business grow. 


The website development process starts with goal setting because we believe in websites that achieve business goals

While the website cannot be custom developed, with a theme being provided by Mut-Con, it’s still developed using our years of experience getting businesses found online. 


We build websites from themes that not only boast amazing design principles that promote conversion, but that are also built to promote great core web vitals to leave you with a website with a great user experience. 


We have no limit on the number of pages, provided all the pages included are necessary. 

We also advise our clients to include some essential pages including a blog, contact page, about page, services page, FAQ page, portfolio page and some that may be unique to your business. 


Because we understand the importance of SEO in your digital marketing, our standard website package comes with basic on-page and technical  SEO. 

The website is built in WordPress, the most popular CMS around, so website maintenance won’t be a challenge even if you don’t stick with Mut-Con after getting our online presence package. 


We are the guys who don’t shut up about the need for businesses to have websites and we back this up with this service. 

It’s not only a great solution for small businesses but a solution for any business looking to be found online. Just ask any of the clients in our portfolio!



Just like the business starter package, our online presence package includes some basic branding options. 

This is because at Mut-Con we believe in the power of branding. While creating a logo does not amount to branding a business, it’s a great start.


There are a lot of elements that contribute to your business brand including brand voice, brand identity, brand promise, brand values, brand targeting, and brand positioning, but your logo forms an essential part of your strategy.


It incorporates the visual elements of your brand and because humans are visual creatures, your logo is one of your most recognizable brand assets. 

Take a moment to imagine some of the brands you love the most. Their logo is most likely the first thing that came to your mind. 


Even with a little distortion or colour flipping and inversion, you would still recognize these brands from their logos. 

That’s the power of a brand’s logo. As such, logos inform a lot of our design decisions when creating online assets. 


Our clients’ websites, social media pages, email templates and more tend to follow the design philosophy of their logos. 

That’s why we included a free logo in our online presence package. 


Because it’s targeted at entrepreneurs just starting out, it’s not rare for us to work with business owners with no logo or a logo they are not happy about. 

Without a logo option, this would limit our ability to deliver our online presence package the best we can for some business owners. 


Social media pages

Social media is a huge part of not just a business’s online presence but a business as a whole. 

With an estimated 4.48 billion active users, social media is an important place for your business to meet clients. 


Whether you are a fun and quirky brand sharing memes on Instagram, the industry expert brand sharing informative videos on YoutTube or just taking advantage of your community on Facebook to build a great support system for your target market, social media has everything for you. 


Not to mention, social media is a great free marketing resource to tap into. This is why we have incorporated social media marketing into our online presence package. 

Firstly, we help our clients strategize their social media presence. With so many options to choose from and the fact that it’s mostly free, social media marketing is definitely a quality-over-quantity proposition. 


So first, we help you set some goals for your social media efforts. 

Armed with these goals, we can then help you strategize your social media presence, starting with selecting the right platforms. 


Once we have the platforms that’ll work best for your brand’s goals, we can help you create on-brand social media pages that help you create a consistent online presence that is instantly recognisable to your target market. 


Finally, we have a sit down with you and help you develop a content strategy that helps you achieve your goals. 

The goal of this content strategy is to prioritize a variety of content that will keep your audience engaged. And grow that audience. 


Social media is a great resource to market, brand and grow your business and with our online presence package, you will be well on your way to making the most of this amazing tool to grow your business.


Google Business Profile

A Google Business Profile is a great way to help your business get found in local searches. 

We have been using them to help our clients claim a prominent position in Google Maps results, boosting their local search performance significantly. 


For a free tool, the Google Business Profile is an invaluable marketing tool that many business owners overlook. 

Additionally, there’s a misconception that profiles are only beneficial to location-based businesses. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. 


Mut-Con is mostly an online business, but we have found a lot of success with our Google Business Profile. 

Our service starts with helping you create and verify an accurate business profile, with a consistent Name, Address, and Phone (NAP), which is important for search performance. 


Next, we use competition analysis to add important information to your profile including categories, subcategories, services, and products. 

This is also important to help your business appear for the keywords you want it to. These products and services also provide an important Call To Action to drive additional conversions from your profile. 


Most importantly though, we help our clients craft a strategy for getting great reviews online. 

Great reviews are not only important for helping make sure clients choose you, but they are great for your SEO efforts as well. 


So sign up for our online presence package and we can help you unlock an additional sales channel for your business as well as help you make sure your business is on top of search results when you are searched for.


Webmaster tools (Google Search Console, Bing Webmaster Tools)

Webmaster tools are an important data collection tool for anyone looking to do any form of SEO for their business. 

We have been encouraging our clients to sign up for Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools as soon as their websites go live. 


While these tools primarily help you analyze and improve the performance of your website in search, they are more than just that. 

This information is also important for improving the overall user experience on your website because core web vitals are designed to improve a user’s website experience as much as they influence SEO rankings


When you sign up for our online presence package, we set you up with our most trusted webmaster tools. 

This includes opening the accounts and adding all the necessary tagging to start collecting relevant data that can help you make improvements. 


We also link to your other digital marketing analytics tools such as Google Analytics. Once we have you set up, we give you a brief walkthrough of your webmaster tools. 

This includes helping you understand basic functions like understanding website errors, researching keywords your website has a great chance of ranking for as well as diagnosing the overall health of your website.


And just like that you are on your way to a healthier website with a great user experience. So let’s help you get started today at no extra cost.


Analytics set-up (Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, Hotjar)

Data-based decisions are a game changer for any business. Using analytics and data can help you improve performance across your entire business, but data and analytics shine brightest in digital marketing.


As smart business consultants, we have helped our clients use smart data analytics to grow their businesses, especially when it comes to building a great online presence. 

As such, we have made building a great digital analytics stack an essential part of our solutions


We have a number of solutions including Google Tag Manager for adding tags neatly and consistently to clients’ websites, Google Analytics for analyzing overall website traffic to clients’ websites and Hotjar for recording and analyzing user browsing sessions on clients’ websites as well as collecting user feedback to improve the user experience. 


Like all our products, our job is not just to get you set up. Many can help you add a Google Analytics tag to your website, few can help you get insights from it. 

Even fewer can help you use those insights to improve your website and drive results in your business. 


At Mut-Con that’s what we are about, taking ordinary free tools and building you a technology stack that accelerates your efforts. 

So, in addition to setting you up, we help you build a website analytics strategy. 


This will include basic tutorials designed to help you turn the data from your tools into actionable insights and act on these insights to continuously improve your website. 

From goal setting to an analysis framework to a feedback implementation loop, we have you covered. 


We are not promising to turn you into an analytics ninja, but we’ll have you getting results like one.


Let’s get your business online!

Building an online presence is a must for any small business looking to be competitive. 

Many advantages accrue from a solid digital presence, even for businesses that just apply free marketing tactics


Your business needs to make the most of all available strategies to set you apart from your competition.

Our online presence package is designed to give your business everything you need to succeed in the digital space at an affordable price. 


We designed it as a perfect starting point for all our online presence solutions

With our package, you are well on your way to making the most of email marketing, social media marketing, SEO, and paid ads all tied together with a well-developed website


So contact us today and let’s help you build online assets that help you achieve your business’s goals

While you can get a lot of what’s discussed here separately, with our online presence package most of it is practically free. So take advantage. 


We are always looking to improve our packages and if you find anything to be missing from our online presence package, we’d love your feedback

If you are just starting out in business or not sure if you have everything you need to succeed, be sure to have a look at the Mut-Con business starter package as well. 



The Mut-Con online presence package