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Mut-Con is built with one goal in mind, to be the best small business consulting firm there is. This goal is always measured in one way, how much we can give our clients the edge over their competition. 

Value is a big part of the Mut-Con value proposition, and all our efforts go towards it. The Mut-Con partner ecosystem reflects this very well. 


Every business we partner with has a passion for their product and service as bright as we have. It’s this passion we hope to leverage when we build partnerships in the hopes of delivering superior services to our clients. 

We are well aware that partnerships can benefit any business and we have leveraged the Mut-Con partner ecosystem to supercharge our own service provision. 


Partnerships are a part of our tried and tested guide to growing a business, and we rely on them to grow Mut-Con and grow our client’s businesses. Partnering with brands like Mailchimp and Hubspot has allowed us to identify and plug gaps in our own value chain. 

In addition to the products we adopt into our own service provision, our partnerships unlock a lot of benefits for us. 


These include learning resources, early access to features, co-marketing opportunities, priority support, feature suggestions and much much more. 

All these benefits allow us to be one of the most affordable business consultants around while continuing to offer a superior service. 


As a business, we value this most above all as it directly drives our vision. And that vision is to bridge the gap in access to the best minds for small businesses compared to their larger competitors

So that being said, let’s explore some of the brands that help us meet this vision and how they add value to Mut-Con services.


Mailchimp Partner

Mailchimp was one of the first businesses we added to the Mut-Con partner ecosystem. It was probably about the third after our Google and Shopify partnerships. From the onset, it’s always been important to us to have email marketing as a core service. 

It inspired our journey into business consulting. We quickly noticed as business consultants that what passes as email marketing is often not. Especially in small businesses. 


Essentially, a lot of businesses send out bulk SPAM and call it email marketing. Our goal is to rectify this. And Mailchimp is a great tool for this mission. 

It’s an important mission to us because when business owners use email marketing in this manner, they don’t only risk violating laws like POPIA, but they lose out on results as well. 


Used well, email marketing is one of the best digital marketing channels. The results from email marketing, including the return on investment, are simply unmatched. 

But there are a number of reasons why email marketing works so well that simply don’t apply when you are blind carbon copying a large number of email addresses into a poorly designed email that the poor users didn’t ask for. 


And this is where the Mut-Con Mailchimp partnership thrives. We combine our expertise and affordable packages from Mailchimp to help entrepreneurs craft winning email marketing strategies. 

We have even helped entrepreneurs enjoy great returns from email marketing with a free Mailchimp account. 


And because we are all about great email marketing, try Mailchimp free and enjoy a free strategy consultation on us. 

It will be one of the best investments you ever make in your business and it’ll continue to pay dividends well into the future. 

We know because this is a partnership that has always paid dividends for us as a business, email marketing providers and small business consultants.


HubSpot Partner

Mut-Con fell in love with HubSpot from our very inception. The resources HubSpot provides like the blog, YouTube channel and the academy have shaped Mut-Con as a business. 

The nuggets of wisdom from HubSpot’s social media posts are the reason why HubSpot is the only brand we follow everywhere online. 


The HubSpot blog is easily the most linked to resources on the Mut-Con blog. It inspired our very own blog and set the standard for what we want to achieve as a resource for business owners. 

It’s our benchmark. All of this fan-boy-ing is before we get to HubSpot as a product. Which can simply be described as phenomenal. 


Among Customer Relationship Management systems (CRMs), we argue it has no equal. And this is important to us because your business needs a great free CRM. 

And HubSpot has become an important part of the Mut-Con partner ecosystem because they have built a CRM that works amazingly well for small businesses and scales even better. 


As small business consultants, this is a match made in heaven. Using HubSpot we have empowered our clients to not only collect but also enrich the data that matters for their business success.

The suite of integrations available in the HubSpot market, including a lot of products in our partner ecosystem makes it a truly omnichannel marketing CRM. 


You can rely on the skills of Mut-Con to use HubSpot to build a single touchpoint for all your customer communication. This is important for a seamless user experience. 

An experience that converts website visitors, leads, prospects and everything else into loyal customers. 


We have built strategies to help you win every stage of the sales funnel with HubSpot. Let us help you align your whole business using HubSpot tools, many of which you can get started with for free. 

And because we love HubSpot so much, get a free consultation to get you started absolutely free


Shopify Partner

We have been helping entrepreneurs sell online since Mut-Con was founded. All our e-commerce solutions considered, including Ecwid, WooCommerce, Facebook and Instagram shops, and more, Shopify has a special place among Mut-Con solutions. 

This is why it was the second tool in the Mut-Con partner ecosystem. Shopify is an e-commerce solution for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs. 


The platform was built from the frustration of entrepreneurs that couldn’t find a solution to sell their products online. Because of this, the first Shopify store was their own. 

And this passion for entrepreneurship shows in everything Shopify does. They do more than just provide an e-commerce platform, they have become a bonafide resource for small businesses.


An example is the tools they provide for small business owners that include a logo maker, a generator for essential website pages like privacy policies and shipping terms, business templates such as purchase orders and invoices, profit, margin and loan calculators, a business card maker and much much more. 


Another is their stock image library to help you build an appealing website. We love the fact that the blog doesn’t just focus on Shopify, but expands to make business sense for e-commerce and offer advice for entrepreneurs. 


But all of this doesn’t detract from the product. Shopify offers a simple website builder with a very intuitive back end to run your shop. 

It also boats an impressive app market to find integrations to expand your shop’s functionality. With their 24/7 support, knowledge base and a good theme, you are one click away from selling online. 


And Mut-Con is available to help you with any advanced functionality, customizations, custom code, SEO, optimization, analytics and anything else that may be beyond your wheelhouse. 

We are also available to just help you build your base store if that’s not your kind of thing.


 Whether you need us to help or you want to go at it yourself, give Shopify a try. Just remember we are the business consultants to talk to if you want to sell more online

Let’s chat about how we can make you an e-commerce success. 


Hotjar Partner

At Mt-Con, we value websites that perform. As entrepreneurs, we sometimes forget that websites are important marketing tools. 

We treat them like these nice-to-haves built so we can say yes when we are asked if we have websites. But not at Mut-Con. 


The Mut-Con website development framework requires all business websites we build to meet business goals. All Mut-Con websites start with aligning your website goals with your business goals. 

Built well, your website can help your business grow. And to make sure of this we have built a complete stack of analytics tools to analyse our clients’ websites to keep them achieving this goal. 

This includes tools like Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Bing Webmaster Tools and more. Among these tools is a tool for improving the user experience on your website. 

Ultimately, your website will only meet goals if users enjoy browsing it. That’s where Hotjar comes in. 


Hotjar allows us to investigate how your website visitors use your website through recordings and heatmaps. 

Additionally, we can build surveys and feedback widgets to give you real-time feedback from clients on the functionality of your website. 


This data has revolutionised how we analyse and optimise websites. Heatmap data allows us to identify the most important real estate on your website and add the most important elements there. 

Recordings give us an idea of a typical user session on your website so we can remove potential bottlenecks to conversions. 


Hotjar even gives us deeper signals like frustration signals and rage clicks during a user’s session to supercharge your website experience.

No to mention, we can combine all of this with Google Analytics data to identify the most important pages on your website.  


And like many tools we like, you can get started with Hotjar for free. Even with a free account, combine the insights from Hotjar with the data expertise of Mut-Con to take the guesswork out of building a website that works. 


Omnisend Partner

eCommerce and email marketing work wonders together. Smart entrepreneurs use email marketing to boost product engagement and drive sales for their businesses. 

This is why when we were invited to join Omnisend as a partner, we immediately made the tool a part of the Mut-Con partner ecosystem. 


Much like Mailchimp, Omnisend has been a great tool for our mission towards better email marketing among small business owners.

But as a dedicated eCommerce platform, Omnisend has allowed us to do more for our clients. One striking feature that influenced our partnership with Omnisend is SMS marketing. 


It adds a great channel for businesses to enhance the customer experience and boost their eCommerce sales. Omnisend stands out for its ease of use, which is important for small business owners.

It saves costs if you want to have a go at email marketing yourself. Because the platform is strictly an e-commerce platform, it cuts out the fluff and lets you get down to what matters. 


Omnisend comes with a set of connectors to all the major e-commerce platforms including WooCommerce, Shopify, BigCommerce, Wix, and a range of apps from social media to shipping to enhance your email marketing efforts. 


What makes Omnisend a great part of our partner ecosystem, particularly as a compliment to our Mailchimp efforts is its pricing. 

Compared to most email marketing platforms, Omnisend is on the affordable side, and we love affordable as business consultants. 


The best part though is it’s affordable without compromising on quality. Get started with Omnisend free today and unlock new opportunities for growth for your e-commerce store.


Bitrix24 Partner

Across the Mut-Con partner ecosystem, we have no tool as diverse as Bitrix24. This diversity is even more astounding when you realise you can get started with most of the Bitrix24 modules for free

In a single tool, you can do a lot of what is offered by a lot of the tools in the Mut-Con partner ecosystem.


You have the CRM functionality of HubSpot. Email marketing is available just as you have on Mailchimp. You even have the omnichannel communication tool provided by Qontak. 

It even has the eCommerce functionality provided by Shopify. Now that’s range. This makes Bitrix24 the most budget-friendly tool in our partner ecosystem and as small business consultants, this is invaluable. 


And it packs much more like project management, inventory management, a knowledge base and an easy-to-use organisational chart module. 

It’s also an easy tool for your online presence with its drag-and-drop website builder that can help you build your business website easily. 


We could spend the whole entry, even the whole post talking about Bitrix24’s functionality and even that wouldn’t do it justice. 

Because of all the functionality provided, Britrix24 can be a little complex. It helps to know exactly what you need to do with it before you get started. 


For a comprehensive strategy to make the most of this amazing tool, you can consult with Mut-Con. 

With a tool as amazing as this, there is simply no excuse for you not to start streamlining your workflows and aligning all your departments today. 

We’ll even use the amazing integrations in the marketplace to help you build a single touch point for most of your day-to-day activities. 


Google Ads Partner

It can’t be overstated how much Google Ads levelled the field in advertising for small businesses. 

The Google Ads network is simple, affordable and measurable and these qualities solved the three main problems of traditional advertising for small businesses. 


Firstly, it eliminated the need for massive budgets previously required for TV, radio, print and billboard ads. 

Secondly, the accessibility of Google ads means small businesses don’t need to pay ad agencies millions for their skills. 


Finally, traditional advertising can often feel like shooting in the dark. It’s difficult to measure results and understand the impact of advertising on business goals. 

Even worse, it can be near impossible to understand what’s working and how to optimise for better results. 


As a performance marketing platform, Google Ads answers all these questions for entrepreneurs. It empowers you to use analytics to continuously improve and drive better results

At Mut-Con, we take full advantage of this to grow your business. Using our data analysis framework, we have used Google Ads to drive traffic, conversions, leads and revenue for our client’s businesses.


Google Ads is a big part of our two-pronged approach to driving sustainable sales in business. In the long run, we rely on SEO to drive revenue and growth. 

Because SEO results take time and SEO is a long-term investment, we rely on Google Ads to fill that gap in the short run. 


And we have helped clients find a lot of success with this strategy. We have affordably priced packages designed to help our clients put their businesses in front of their clients when they search for services online. 


Sales and revenue form very important goals for any business, even non-profit ones. Even charities need to raise enough funds through donations to meet their goals. Because of this, Google ads are a big part of the Mut-Con partner system. 


Ecwid Partner

Every business needs to diversify its sales channels. eCommerce has been the answer to this for many entrepreneurs, and Ecwid takes it to a whole other level. 

Ecwid allows you to sell anywhere online including;

  • A new online store or any website
  • Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and TikTok
  • Online marketplaces like Amazon, eBay and Google Shopping
  • A Point-of-Sale in your physical store
  • On the go with an app for iOS and Android

It’s a true solution to sell to anyone anywhere online. This is why as soon as we learnt about Ecwid, we immediately added it to our partner ecosystem. 

No e-commerce solution can compare in terms of potential. And we have been leveraging this potential to grow our clients’ businesses. 


We have helped entrepreneurs like you diversify their sales channels and get their products in front of as many clients as possible. 

The best part? You can get started with Ecwid for free forever. The platform is designed to be very user-friendly, with an intuitive UI. 


Armed with your online assets and an Ecwid account, you can start selling as easy as one, two three. For more complex requirements though, Mut-Con is your Ecwid consultant

And our Ecwid services are comprehensive. We can add advanced functionality to your Ecwid store or your website using code. 


This is important because, like many of our clients, you are most likely not a web developer. Code is not your thing. But our services go beyond just web enhancements. 

We are eCommerce consultants at heart. In addition to building a great user experience for your Ecwid set-up, we can help you sell more.  


Let’s help you explore strategies to drive traffic to your store and help you convert that traffic into sales. 


Why the Mut-Con partner ecosystem?

We are always looking to enhance our service to clients and help you start and grow a successful business. 

To this end, we are always seeking out brands that share our values to help us help you grow. We are huge proponents of a healthy partnership ecosystem for any business. 


We believe it’s part of a great growth strategy and we always encourage our clients to build the right partnerships. And this is one area where we will always lead by example. 

We are proud of the Mut-Con partner ecosystem but we believe there is more we can do. We built this ecosystem to serve you better and if there are any products you want to see become part of our offering, we would like to hear from you. 


Also, we like to keep a list of free and freemium resources that could accelerate your business growth. 

Some of these are part of our partner ecosystem and some are not, but all of them are great. 


Go ahead and browse version 1, version 2, the blog addition and the academy addition. Share with us some of your own loved resources, we’d love to add them to our blog.



The Mut-Con partner ecosystem


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