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This post was most recently updated on July 19th, 2021

Starting a business can be tough on the pocket, especially if like us you are bootstrapping, but that doesn’t mean you have to compromise on quality tools. There is a combination of free and freemium tools out there that will get you off to a bang, and with the joys of cloud computing, you don’t have to break the bank on hardware either.


Be sure to look at part one for more free resources. Today we continue to share with you some gems we love here at Mut-Con.


1. Let’s Encrypt

This completely free platform is set to achieve one thing, a secure web. It allows you to create SLL Certificates, a technology that encrypts the connection between your website and server. This is all too important in securing the information that your clients share with you, particularly if you receive very sensitive information. Traditionally these certificates were very expensive, but now the whole web can access them.


2. GitHub

We recently wrote a blog post about just how much it meant to us to join this online community. GitHub is an online collaboration platform where members share and work together on code. It allows you to contribute to existing projects, or “fork”, which is essentially creating a new project from an existing one. This platform is very important for the growth of the open-source culture we are such fans of.


3. WordPress

Creating a community and engaging with your stakeholders is essential to building a brand. Blogging can achieve this and a good CMS makes a better platform than your standard HTML site when it comes to blogging. We use (not,, which is also pretty awesome), which is free and has a ton of free resources as well such as themes and plugins to deliver fresh productive content to you.


4. Google Tag Manager

The key to generating valuable insights from your data is collecting the right data. Thing is, there could be a ton of data you want to collect for different platforms. That could quickly lead to massive amounts of code and threaten to impair the quality of your assets and the data you collect. Google tag manager makes it easy to install tracking for many applications from one installation as well as control what data is collected.


5. Flipsnack

This freemium software allows you to create stylish magazines that are viewable online. The best part, all your creations are mobile-friendly with no effort from you. Like our other favourite Canva, there is a gallery that you can choose from to start a project or just browse for inspiration, but you can also upload your PDFs. This is a game-changer in distributing your important documents without worrying about size, email or embedded. For a full rundown of Flipsnack, how to use it, reviews, pricing and more, the folks over at Software How have got you covered.


6. MailChimp

This freemium software is a good mailman with a twist. MailChimp allows you to create mailing lists, draft and schedule emails to be sent periodically or on particular dates. It comes handy with forms you can embed to collect contacts and handy integrations to software like CRMs. 

More importantly, it makes it easy to keep up with important legislation on mass emailing such as unsubscribe links. Additionally, MailChimp allows you to send physical postcards, though the feature is in beta. Leveraging automations can allow you to do more, including;

  1. Attracting abandoned carts back to your site
  2. Upselling, cross-selling on your eCommerce site or just sending appreciation to customers
  3. Creating a series of onboarding emails for your product.

The list is pretty much too long to cover, but the best part of Mailchimp is their comprehensive knowledge centre. And if you are not ready to jump in, remember Mut-Con is your friendly Mailchimp expert.


7. SurveyMonkey

All business should have a systematic way of incorporating feedback from all stakeholders as a means for continuous improvement. This is what this freemium software allows you to do, it allows you to make surveys to collect key data from all your stakeholders, not just clients but employees as well, with handy tips on how to craft surveys that are eye-catching and have increased possibilities of being answered.



Engaging with clients in real-time when they have inquiries is important for plugging leaks in the conversion funnel. We facilitate this by incorporating live chat on our site and that is what this gem of a freemium software does. It allows you to add a chat window to your site, which delivers messages to a live dashboard on desktop or apps on Android and IOs. You can create profiles so individuals can handle individual quarries.



9.  Diib

Leveraging data for decision making has always been a huge thing for us here on Mut-Con. The difficulty of applying analytics, particularly for small business, has always been the bain of our existence. And while a good consultant can go a long way, getting started and understanding your data yourself can go a long way. 

This freemium software allows you to do just that, collect data from analytics, social and GMB in one place. This not only makes it easier to make sense of all the numbers, but the tool gives valuable insights. Diib uses AI and complex algorithms to tell you important things like;

  1. SEO growth plan based on their website’s actual data 
  2. Website security 
  3. Speed 
  4. Keyword rankings
  5. Visitor engagement 
  6. Competitor analysis


10. makes it easy for entrepreneurs to build one of the cornerstones of taking your business online, a website. In addition to an easy to use drag and drop builder that lets you build stunning websites with no coding knowledge, has additional tools and features for the ultimate online experience for your visitors. These include SEO, storage, security and blogging tools. The tools can be combined to build a wide range of websites, including eCommerce sites, portfolios, blogs and much more.

We would love to hear what freebies you use to bring the magic daily or how any of these incredible software contribute to your vision and watch out for version three of the post as we share more lovely freebies.

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