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Welcome to the official blog of Mut-Con, a consulting and advisory firm aimed at giving its clients key business insights gleaned from data and analytics. Our blog is dedicated to sharing important insights for clients conducting research to empower themselves to better run their business, or anyone looking for a good read on business, entrepreneurship, data, analytics and web presence and technologies. Our mission is to help entrepreneurs and businesses of all sizes in the pursuit of their missions.

And by “our”, we mean our entire community including you the reader. We value a culture of sharing, particularly when it comes to information and resources and to that end we implore you to share with us your contributions, as well as your thoughts on our two cents. Stay tuned to our blog for exciting content by subscribing to our newsletter, adding us to your RSS feeds, and looking out for new posts on our social media pages and in return, we promise fresh business insights, the scoop on free resources and current information to give you the edge in your entrepreneurial journey.

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Advice and insights for starting a business but also valuable for established businesses looking to strengthen their brand, launch new products, or take their business in a more productive direction. We touch on important subjects such as evaluating the feasibility of your idea, important business resources for a new business, revenue models and monetizing your product and very importantly, financing your business for sustainable growth and retaining control for your business.

This section is dedicated to the art and science of incorporating analytics to drive insights for decision making. Our approach is to place more importance on the business case as opposed to algorithms and models, placing the value of an analytics solution in its ability to answer underlying questions as opposed to meeting prevailing trends. We share our thoughts and experience on analytics tools, proper data management, new developments in data and analytics as well as important resources to help you get the most out of your data.

Get key insights into the financial management of a business as well as analysis and visualization to gain a deeper understanding of business performance from financial data. We also share on important legislature to keep your business compliant, particularly in matters of taxation. On taxation, we also touch on strategies to legally reduce your tax burden. Look out for blog posts on financial management tools and software, financial planning, forecasting and analysis as well as plenty of information to reduce your nightmares on the dreaded tax.

Get key insights on important business documents for sharing key information with your stakeholders such as business plans and company profiles. We look at the key attributes that will best communicate your vision and mission with these stakeholders, helping you define your brand and build a community around your business. Key touch points include defining your value proposition, financial forecasting and planning, market and SWOT analysis as well as communicating your values so you can generate a true following for your brand.

We discuss opportunities the internet has opened for business, both in terms of product possibilities as well as representing themselves online to reach broader audiences, faster as well as more affordably. We talk about important matters surrounding website development, web applications, online marketing, security and generally ensuring your business is visible online to your key clientele, broadcasting the right message.

It is important for businesses to not only strive to be a success but also to generate true value and build legacies. The best brands are the ones that develop a character that its community can relate to and that is what this section is about. We talk about issues of corporate stewardship, business culture, as well as trends and developments that may present good opportunities for your business or may need to be managed as a threat.

We are open for new projects. Let's bring your creative ideas to life together!