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Mut-Con website development, helps your business get found online. As we celebrate 5 years as business consultants in July 2022, it’s awe-inspiring how far our portfolio has come. Awe-inspiring because of the sheer number of clients we have helped build an online presence

And with that, the number of clients we have helped grow their clients, grow their market, grow their revenue and grow their businesses. Mut-Con website development has always been one of our strongest service lines. 


This is because we believe a solid online presence is key to business success. Not only does an online presence open more business opportunities but online, our clients can also compete with anyone. 

Traditional competitive lines like size, geography and so much more don’t matter much online. That is why we are constantly revising our website development strategy to help you find success online. 

After 5 years of helping you win online, with local and international clients and websites in every industry from retail to fashion and apparel to portfolios and restaurants, from large corporations to solopreneurs, we thought we explore just what makes Mut-Con website development special.

 And if you don’t already have a website for your business, here’s why you should work on that right away.


What Websites Do We Develop?

We have developed a wide range of websites. Mut-Con’s website development experience has covered multiple industries. Our expertise allows us to build you a website that meets a multitude of needs. We are comfortable with a host of platforms and technologies available out there including WordPress, Shopify and Ecwid. So what kind of websites do we develop?


eCommerce Website Development 

The invention of online selling has been one of the biggest developments of the Internet age. Think about it, Amazon and Alibaba birthed billionaires. eBay and Etsy managed to become a part of our Zeitgeist. 

As eCommerce has developed, the possibilities of selling online have become unlimited. Businesses like us even sell services online. Businesses like hotels and restaurants use eCommerce to complement their offline sales process. 


As eCommerce grows, we continue to develop our eCommerce solutions to help you sell anything and everything online. We help our clients sell on their WordPress websites with WooCommerce, build large and small eCommerce sites with a great eCommerce engine from Shopify, and sell across websites, social networks, and marketplaces like Amazon with Ecwid. 


We have invested in partnerships with Shopify and Ecwid to make sure we provide our clients with the best possible service. With Mut-Con website development, we can build you any custom functionality you need to sell more. 


Platforms are built to help you get started, we can help you expand them. Our eCommerce solutions are comprehensive and include integrations like payment gateways, inventory management, order management and shipment providers to help you create a seamless shopping experience for your clients.


eCommerce solutions


Corporate Website Development

A great corporate website represents your whole organisation, not just your products and services. 

Whether you are a small, medium or large business, your corporate website does more than just sell products and services, it communicates who you are to all potential stakeholders, not just clients. 


In a way, almost all other websites here could be corporate websites. All they have to do is be an online profile for your business. Given that a website can improve your credibility, build trust and nurture customer loyalty, our corporate websites are built to represent you online as you would yourself. 


We encourage our clients to invest in all the elements that identify a business including testimonials, corporate news, a team profile and much more. In addition, corporate websites are always evolving. 

Your business doesn’t stay the same, and your website shouldn’t either. When we build your website, we want it to tell the whole story. It should be where people can go to know and engage with you without having to go elsewhere. 



Portfolio Website Development 

There is no medium that could get your work to a greater audience than the Internet. When you build an online portfolio, you make sure your work gets to be seen by your potential clients. As an artist, photographer, designer or any other creative, you can’t afford to not let your work speak for you online. 


We help clients build a portfolio that showcases their skills and expertise. When we build a portfolio website for you or add a portfolio to your website, we marry as many elements of the portfolio to your work. 

This gives your potential clients an understanding of what to expect before they’ve even seen your work. Your portfolio design and style should share the same design and aesthetic philosophy as your work.


When it comes to portfolios, your work has to be represented in its best state. This could mean massive images and graphics. So when we create portfolios, we prioritise image optimization, without compromising image quality. 

Using design concepts like lazy loading, and web-friendly formats like webp helps in this regard a lot. We keep in mind that you are not the only one who does what you do. Your portfolio is most probably the “window shopping” your client needs to make a decision. 


So we make an impression and make it fast. This is why we prefer a simple, clean design, that lets your work do the talking. Finally, we share your process. While your work will get clients wanting to work with you, your website should tell them what that consists of. 


Service Website Development

A service website is unique in one key element, it needs to sell the service provider as much as it sells the product. While a great product will do a lot of heavy lifting when it comes to selling itself, services are dependent on service providers. 


That’s why our service websites are designed to sell you. They are designed to showcase why your next client wants to work with you. Whether you are a lawyer, baker, dentist, doctor, accountant, a Mut-Con or anything in between, our service websites get your time booked. 


Additionally, because as a service provider your time is limited, with service websites it’s important to match you with the right clients. Positioning is important. That’s why we make sure every element, copy, calls-to-action and everything in between is designed to convert your ideal client and weed out the wrong ones. 


Combined with the right promotion strategies, we’ll have you working with the right people. We take particular care to remember that the Internet is a global medium, and your business could be local. This requires balance. We need to appreciate how your business could take advantage of this reach. 


Our goal is to put you in front of a very broad audience, while not neglecting the local audience most likely to need your services. So how do we achieve this? First, we establish your expertise. Secondly, we define your services and skills precisely. Finally, we communicate your procedures, while making sure to communicate your flexibility. 


The result? A website that has leads communicating with you. 


Charity Website Development 

At Mut-Con we believe in a good cause. We are always looking to lend our services to promote a cause for good, and because a good online presence would help your cause reach a greater audience, we are generous with charity websites. 

Our non-profit clients can enjoy a discount of between 50% and 100% on their website. We design our charity websites with the tools your charity needs to drive your mission. Because your charity doesn’t operate like a regular business, your website shouldn’t be either. 


Our priority is to build a website that is affordable and easy to run, without compromising quality. It wouldn’t make sense to spend your hard-earned donations on keeping your website running. 

However, our charity websites perform just as well as business websites. More importantly, though, we integrate the tools you need for a successful charity. 


With donation buttons and pages, events sections, content-rich areas and calls to action specially designed for your specific cause, we build a website designed to meet your goals.


Charity Website Development


Landing Page Development

All your online marketing efforts go to a landing page. The best-designed marketing efforts can be easily defeated by a poor landing page. We partner with clients to build landing pages that don’t waste advertising spend and effort. 

As a bonus, clients who engage in our digital marketing services get a free landing page. As you can imagine, we have built a lot of landing pages. Along that journey, we have learnt what works. 


Our landing pages use the right calls-to-action to help your clients take action. This will help your business avoid getting all the traffic but non of the leads. We build landing pages that achieve goals. 

Great design is an important ingredient in our recipe. Landing pages need not only be visually pleasing but have a great flow that leads people where you need them. We employ the right imagery to help your visitors grasp information fast and convert faster. 


However, we invest the most in copywriting. We create content that keeps your visitors engaged and compels engagement and conversion. And we tie it all together with great speed. A slow landing page is a landing page that loses visits. We want your landing page to capture your clients fast.


Why Do We Encourage Clients To Invest In  A Website? 

A great website is no longer a nice to have, it’s an absolute must. An online presence has become what your clients look at to determine if your business exists or not. It used to be when we wanted to deal with a business we looked up their address. 

Nowadays we look up their website, social media profiles and online reviews. If we can’t find any of this, we assume the business is shady or doesn’t even exist at all. While it might be tempting to go for just some social media presence, that’s not enough. 


You need a platform you own. It might seem implausible but what happens if one day, LinkedIn closes and you lose your 100 000 followers? It matters not what industry you are in or how big your business is, you need a website. 

For starters, a website, the internet in general opens up a whole new market. There could be a whole market online that prefers to interact with your business strictly via a website and you can’t afford to leave them to your competition. 


Additionally, your website builds credibility. When clients find you with a strong online presence, it legitimizes your business. In addition, for small businesses competing with industry giants, this makes you their equal. 

In the physical world, your corner grocer may not be able to outshine a mega market. Online, the size doesn’t matter if you build a strong presence. Plus, a great website helps you sell more. 


It’s like a 24/7 salesperson who never tires of representing your business and representing it well. You can use your website to share all the information you want to tell potential clients. The only difference? They can access it anytime. 

Therefore that makes your website an essential step in your customer journey. So whatever excuse you may be thinking of right now, it doesn’t work! We see your great Facebook page, we appreciate you are a small local business and your industry might not immediately seem like you need a website, but you do, you need a great website.


What You Can Expect From  A Mut-Con Website


Enablement is a key tenant of the Mut-Con experience. We believe strongly in everyone’s right to access resources and we let that principle guide us. That principle guides Mut-Con’s website development philosophy. 

We are not the only ones who feel strongly about the matter. Globally, eAccessibility is becoming subject to law, and important factors in the performance of your website. 


For example, though not affecting rankings directly, accessibility does indirectly affect your website’s ranking on Google. After all, SEO best practices have a lot in common with accessibility techniques. Think of image alt tags. 

But far from legal compliance or doing it for the all-mighty SERPs rank, accessibility translates to a great user experience. And that’s what we believe in, creating great experiences on the web. Your website shouldn’t be different.


When you get a Mut-Con website, you can be sure it will accommodate people whatever their hardware, software, language, location, or ability. Together we can create a great experience for your visitors with a diverse range of hearing, movement, sight, and cognitive abilities. Your number one tool for communication should never be, itself, a barrier to effective communication.


Engaging Content

At Mut-Con we are copywriters. We love the art of translating your marketing message to your market. If content is king, we are very loyal citizens. Our website development solutions are built around great copywriting. 

Great copywriting is what leaves an impression on your client’s mind. It’s what get’s them to convert, or come back soon enough to convert. Our copywriting is designed to invoke emotions and feelings you want your brand to be associated with.


 Our priorities when we copyright for your website are voice and tone. We try to be consistent in our voice and tone. Consistent throughout your website, and consistent with all your other copy. This is the fasted way to make your brand immediately recognisable across platforms. 

In a world increasingly guarded against marketing messages, our copy needs to break through. We achieve this with clear reading devoid of any jargon, that makes your reader want to read more. And when needed most, our copy breaks down resistance. While we emphasise the importance of calls to action in the article, copy is the biggest call to action we invest in.


Speed & UX Optimization

Every element of a Mut-Con website is designed for the user’s experience. In fact, every point here is designed to optimize the user experience on your website. After all, great user experience leads to conversions, and we love a website that converts. 

Take for example website speed, perhaps the most noticeable part of the user experience. For every additional second of loading time, you could lose up to 2% in conversions. Not to mention that a great user experience could seriously boost your SEO. 


As such we spare no effort in ensuring a great user experience. However as you can imagine, creating a great user experience goes beyond just speed. It goes beyond great content, accessibility, mobile responsiveness, good flow, calls to action, and great design. 

It also includes great use of white space. A website that breaths, and does not overwhelm your client makes them want to consume more of your content. Pages should prioritise what clients came for, and give that the most real estate. 


Secondary elements like ads, pop-ups and other distractions should be just that, secondary, and used sparingly. Images are a great addition to any website, but they should be used wisely. Images should not only be relevant, but they should also be clear, and not affect your site’s speed. 

The most important attribute of a Mut-Con website though is consistency. Consistency across your pages and consistency with expected web design standards. While it’s okay to put your own spin on things, your website is ultimately easier to browse if it’s consistent. 

Take for example an x on the corner of anything. Your mind would immediately expect it to close that element. That’s not the time to be whimsical and make it do something else. 


If we have established on other pages that a certain style means something is a link, heading or anything else, we make sure it remains the same element throughout the website. It just makes it easier to read. Ultimately, our goal is to build you a website that is a joy to browse. 


Search Engine Optimization

At Mut-Con we like to help clients get found online. We have been SEOs from the time we started operating, and we love the advantage it gives our clients. That’s why we consider SEO in everything we do. 

Our website development is no different. While a lot goes into your SEO investment, we at least try to give our clients a great start. Every website in our portfolio enjoys the basics of SEO. And it pays off. 


We have noticed that even without additional investment in SEO, our clients’ websites perform a lot better than their competition. That’s because, at its core, great SEO creates a great user experience, and that’s at the core of the Mut-Con website development strategy. 

Without trying, we are programmed to program for great search engine optimization. But ultimately, this is basic SEO. Because SEO is an important investment for your business, let’s have a chat about how we can help you rank better!


Search Engine Optimization


Cross-Device, Platform & Browser Compatibility

Mobile browsing changed the world of web design and development forever when it was introduced. What started off as a novelty feature with the introduction of the first Smartphones soon became the standard. 


At the core of Mut-Con website development is a lot of care and attention to compatibility and compatibility goes just beyond mobile friendliness. As technology grows, we are spoilt for choice when it comes to devices, browsers and operating systems. 


These bring their own compatibility challenges and requirements and we revel in that challenge. Your website will only meet your business goals if it creates a great browsing experience, and compatibility is a large part of that experience. 


To overlook compatibility is to deny a section of your potential market features you want them to experience. That’s why for us, compatibility is not an afterthought, it’s the foundation.


Calls to Action & Good User Flow

Many websites suffer from one glaring challenge, a lack of direction for visitors. You can drive all the traffic to your website, but if you can’t convert that traffic, your efforts are wasted. Unless your goal for your website is maximizing traffic,  no amount of traffic on its own is a win. 

That’s why the Mut-Con website development philosophy prioritizes conversion rate optimization. We have developed a keen sense of adding the right calls-to-action to the right sections of your website. 


Because we start every web development project with establishing goals, we make sure a good number of your visitors take the actions that lead to your goals. In addition to conversion actions, we prioritise a great user flow. 

The browsing experience on your website should always lead your clients to where they can convert. We layer your website with subtle “street signs” throughout. The goal is to gently nudge your users to where they can convert. So if you are looking for a website that pushes your business forward, it’s time to talk to Mut-Con.


Aesthetic Brand Aligned Design

Humans are visual creatures, and your website development strategy should not overlook that. In fact, your strategy should take full advantage of it. Brand awareness is one of the biggest drivers of the purchase decision. 

It could be the factor that influences your client’s choice between you and a competitor. Think about all the brands you interact with, the brands you want to interact with. You are most likely drawn to them because you identify with them, recognise them and feel an affinity towards them. 


As the primary online home for your business, your business should promote these sentiments the most. That’s why the Mut-Con website development philosophy does not skimp on design elements. 

We marry every aspect of your brand to important design elements. The result is a website that is immediately recognisable to your target market that has interacted with your brand on and offline. 


Additionally, we create websites that leave a strong enough impression to make your other online platforms immediately recognisable. A client who’s visited your website will immediately recognise, for example, your social media pages and emails. 

This doesn’t only apply to the visual elements of your website. We strive to create a consistent voice and tone in the copy of your website. Our goal is to make it read like every other piece of marketing you send out. In a world where it takes a lot of effort to get your message heard, consistency is key.


Finally, we don’t skimp on the looks. We value functionality, but above all, we like to create websites that look good. After all, who doesn’t appreciate some beauty every now and then?


Final Thoughts On Mut-Con Website Design

All of our online presence and digital marketing efforts start with a great website. We believe your website is the online home of your business. This is why Mut-Con’s website development strategy has been developed over the last 5 years to give our clients an advantage online. 


Not part of our portfolio yet? Call, email, WhatsApp, or chat with us on our website today and let’s take your business online.



Get Your Business Found Online

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