It’s one of those simple questions with a near-impossible answer, what does my business need today? As business consultants, this is a question we regularly have to help clients ask and answer. 


This is why we look at Mut-Con Digital Marketing services more as what they can do, and less as what they are. Yes, we have email marketing. Yes, we have paid advertising. Yes, we have search engine optimization. Yes, we have social media marketing. Yes, we develop incredible websites and eCommerce websites


We would like to think we are amazing copywriters. However, what does that mean for you? For your business? Do our services provide a satisfactory answer to the question what does my business need today? 


Well, let’s explore how we have answered this question for many clients over the last five years, and hopefully, we can help you not only ask but also answer this question as well! Let’s find out if your business needs to:


Establish an online presence with full-scale digital marketing services

Let’s face it, if your business is not online, you are setting yourself up for failure. An online presence is no longer an option but a must-have for any entrepreneur. Your competition knows this, and they are already taking advantage of it. 

So if your business doesn’t have any form of online presence, no need to read further. We already have the answer for you! What does your business need today? Your business needs full-stack digital marketing services


Trust us on this one, we know. We pride ourselves in guiding entrepreneurs in taking their businesses online. Our website development and digital marketing help entrepreneurs like you get found online. 

In addition, we have been exploring the advantages of taking your business online for the longest time. So we know how much of a difference this will make for your business. When you take your business online, you open up a much broader audience. 


All 5.07 billion people in the online world become your potential clients. Additionally, you have a better chance to win over your competition online. The right strategies online can help you beat even the strongest competition. 

It is a lot easier than it takes to achieve the same in your brick-and-mortar operation. Not to mention, your potential customers expect you to have an online presence. 


Before clients buy from you, they expect to see reviews, see you in their favourite social media apps and to visit your website to do some research. A good 30% of your potential market won’t even consider engaging your business if you don’t have a website. 

All this considered, do you think your business can survive without an online presence? Not likely. So why take the chance? Let’s just conclude your business needs to be found on the web! Convinced your business can benefit from an online presence? Let’s chat!


Digital Marketing Services



Build an online community with social media marketing

A whopping 4.59 billion people use social media, and that number continues to grow to a projected 5.85 billion in 2027. Those people are spending a good 147 minutes on various social media sites

That’s a lot of opportunities for your business to engage. A lot of opportunities to find an audience that’s interested in your industry, products, services, and everything related to your business. 


That translates to a community, and trust me, your business needs a community. Brands, large and small have found a lot of growth by building communities on social media. Some brands use social media to build support communities. 

Just think of the cost savings you could unlock if your clients just supported each other online. Some businesses use social media to establish themselves as industry experts. You could use social media to extend social causes you care about. 


All these efforts could be getting the attention of a potential 4.6 billion people. However, the biggest advantage of social media is how easy it is to get started with. It’s the online presence that most businesses start with. ‘

You probably have a presence on any one of Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, TikTok, Snapchat, Quora, Pinterest Reddit, or some of the more specialised platforms. With so many options to choose from, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. 


This means your business could just need some help with strategy. We help entrepreneurs with social media strategies that drive business goals. We can help you understand the right platforms to invest in, strategies to develop consistent quality content, the data to analyse to advance your efforts and so much more. 


Let’s build you an online community that helps you attract customers, get customer feedback and build customer loyalty with social media. Does your business need to make the most of social media marketing and advertising? Let’s chat!


Social Media Marketing Services


Improve your marketing ROI with low-cost, high-return email marketing

No matter how many times I talk about it, chat about it, read about or research it, I can never get over the return on investment from email marketing. It’ll never stop boggling my mind that email has a return on investment of up to 4100%

That’s a staggering R40.00 for every R1.00 spent. It simply can’t get better than that. Does your business need a digital marketing channel that can stretch a limited budget? Do you need to boost your return on investment from your digital marketing services? 


Then you need email marketing. In addition to great returns, email marketing is a great marketing channel at any stage of the marketing funnel. Whether your clients are just discovering your brand, considering your products, about to convert into a client, or turning into loyal clients or brand advocates, email marketing is the digital marketing channel for you.



 In addition, email marketing works great with all your other digital marketing efforts. It’s a great touchpoint to complement your other channels, particularly if you want to convert your clients.

 Most importantly, though, embrace email marketing if you need to nurture relationships with clients. Email marketing gives you more control over the timing, message, delivery and all the other nuanced elements of your marketing and you can take advantage of that to build strong relationships with clients. 


Deliver a message your clients want to hear when they want to hear it, and you’ll win the lead nurturing game. And did we mention just how affordable email marketing is? 

You can get started today with a free Mailchimp account and unlock the power of email marketing. Make the most of their automations and other small business tools and take advantage of one of the best digital marketing channels available. Ready for low-cost/high-return digital marketing? Let’s chat!


Email Marketing Services



Get found online when your clients search for you with SEO

Can you even remember a time you had to browse the internet without a search engine? Can you remember a time when you had to know every business, every address every place to get everything? 

Yeah, neither can I. It’s unfathomable to imagine a world where I can’t Google the nearest dentist or what time a restaurant closes. That’s the impact the ability to search the internet has had on our lives. 


However this revolution hasn’t just shaped our lives, it has also shaped the business landscape. If everyone’s daily life involves searching for things online, it follows that those that can be found online will succeed. 

Businesses that fully embrace Search Engine Optimization can be at the forefront when potential clients search for their services on the internet. The question is, are your potential clients finding you when they search? 


If your answer is no, you are letting go of an advantage that separates average businesses from the truly successful ones. Yes, I fully understand that there are increasing barriers to entry to do well in SEO. 

As the worst-kept secret in digital marketing, a lot of investment gets put into it, and usually, the bigger players who can pour the most money into it tend to win the race. Each day it becomes harder to hit the number one spot in search results. 


This doesn’t mean you should give up on SEO entirely. In fact, you can’t afford to give up. We have assisted our clients to get incredible SEO results on very modest SEO budgets, even against the might of the big players’ competition. 

There are still victories to be had and a good digital marketing consultant can help you get them. So if what your business needs is to be more prominent when clients search for solutions, let’s chat.


SEO Services



Drive more relevant leads with PPC advertising

Does your business need to generate more relevant leads today? Is your sales team spending their days twiddling their thumbs waiting for leads to jump on and close? Then you need to look at pay-per-click advertising. 

Pay-per-click (PPC) ads are great for small businesses because you pay for actual leads. As the name suggests, when you launch a PPC campaign, you only pay when your ad is clicked. 


This is amazing for your small business because you need your ad Rands to stretch. You need every Rand invested to yield a return. So if you need a solution to boost lead generation at a controlled cost, you need PPC advertising. 

However, PPC ads tend to have an additional advantage, purchase intent. Purchase intent or buyer intent broadly refers to a willingness to buy. And PPC ads, particularly search ads tend to have a high purchase intent. 


When a client clicks on your ad, they do so because of an interest in your product or service and that’s good news for you. Because unless a click was by mistake, every single click you get is a potential sale. 

That’s a huge win for your business. A well-structured, delivered, and regularly optimised PPC campaign should always give you a positive return. All these are very important elements to your success. Structure, delivery, and optimization. 


We have been helping entrepreneurs like you launch campaigns that drive their business goals. We will work with you on any budget, and we adapt to drive results in any industry. 

We pride ourselves on accountability, and we prioritize giving you data that can help you understand performance. Together we can make informed decisions. So, if you are looking to grow your business’s leads, let’s chat.


Google Ads Services



Build an online home with a unique website that drives conversions

It used to be that when you learnt about a business, you immediately looked up its physical address. Nowadays, the moment a potential client learns about your business they immediately look up your website. 

Freelancer, small business, non-profit organisation, or a large corporation, clients are checking for your website. For 46% of consumers, having a business website determines whether or not they will trust your brand. 


Compound that with the fact that your website is the starting point of the customer journey for about 63% of your clients, then the picture becomes clearer. And while we are on the point of websites, let’s dispel one common myth: social media presence does not replace a good website. 


So if your business doesn’t have a website, regardless of all the other online presence you have established, your business needs a website today. We can never over-emphasize the importance of owning your biggest platform. 

Own your traffic and own your marketing efforts on an important element of your sales funnel. This will give you more control over your digital marketing efforts and your website is the online home for your business. 


A website gives you freedom when establishing your brand online. On your terms. Your website carries your voice and your tone, at every level. You can employ visual assets that best represent your brand to establish brand lift and promote recollection of your brand. 

This includes colour pallets, fonts, videos, images, and everything associated with your brand, and your website adapts to your brand. Whenever anything changes in your business, the website is the easiest online asset to reflect this change. Are you looking to build an online home for your business? Let’s chat!


Web Development Services



Explore additional sales channels with comprehensive eCommerce services

Have you ever thought your business could benefit from additional sales channels? Are you looking for opportunities to broaden your go-to-market strategy and reach your market from a broader spectrum of solutions? 

eCommerce is a great way to build additional sales channels for your business. Whatever line of business you are in, we can help your business sell more online. We have solutions for business-to-business, business-to-customer and customer-to-customer sellers.


 At Mut-Con, we are business consultants, who deal mainly in services, but still, we can sell online with the Mut-Con Shop. This allows our valued clients to access our services without having to communicate extensively with us. 

That’s the best part about eCommerce. A great eCommerce store allows you to sell even more without investing a lot of additional effort. Using WooCommerce, Shopify or Ecwid, we can help your business build an incredible online experience both in the B2B and the B2C sphere. 


In addition to our self-hosted eCommerce solutions, we can help your business take advantage of external e-commerce services. Clients make use of our Google Merchant services to create free product listings to show their products for organic Google search results. 

We also use WooCommerce and Shopify integrations to sync online stores and create automated Facebook commerce feeds that add a shop to your Facebook profile and let you tag products in your posts as well as advertise products in your catalogue. 


Whatever type of business you are running, that’s an additional 3 channels to exploit. This will significantly improve your go-to-market strategy and give you more opportunities to sell. 

Harness the power of eCommerce today to accelerate your business’s growth. If what your business needs is to sell more by embracing eCommerce solutions, let’s chat.


eCommerce Services



Tell better brand stories with copywriting tailored to your business

Are you telling compelling brand stories? If you are not, then your business needs some great copywriting services. Brand storytelling allows your business to build character for your brand and form deeper connections with your customers. 

That’s in addition to allowing you to let your clients know more about your business, products and services. I am almost always going on about how much brands need to develop character. With a lot more brands vying for consumer attention on the internet, you need to stand out. 


A generic message without heart will just not cut it. And that’s the true power of brand storytelling. Great copywriting creates the kind of digital marketing experience that clients want more of. 

Emails that get opened. Social posts that get engagement. eCommerce that sells. Websites that get browsed. That’s why copywriting is at the centre of Mut-Con digital marketing services.  These opportunities are plentiful because brand storytelling exists on many levels within your business. 


Copywriting is an important element of your blogging, social media content, email marketing, website content, video content and so much more. So ask yourself, does your business need to start making more use of great copywriting for improved relationships? 


It’s time to look at your brand voice and your brand tone. Are they communicating your message to your clients the way you want it delivered? We have developed comprehensive copywriting packages to meet all your business needs. 

From the small stuff like product descriptions and social media posts to your longer needs like blog content and case studies and everything in-between like business profiles and website content, we can help you tell brand stories that drive more interaction. Need to tell better brand stories with copywriting? Let’s chat!



So why Mut-Con Digital Marketing Services?

Because we believe in solutions over products or services. It’s not what we can do but what we can do for you. It’s not tools, but how those tools can be applied to grow your business. We are less invested in the state of things and more invested in your goals. 

It’s Mut-Con digital marketing services because whatever the answer to the question what does my business need today, we have the solution that will bridge the gap to where you want to be.


What does your business need today?

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