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Mut-Con Consulting and Advisory Services caters to all the needs of new and established businesses under one roof. We allow our clients to scale our services to their exact needs, tailor our solutions to clients’ unique demands, allowing us to keep our pricing affordable.

Our product is business insights, an analysis, and understanding of our client’s micro and macro environments, designed to help clients take advantage of opportunities while dealing with threats.

Mut-Con’s experts and its partners collaborate to not only consult and advise across all your business functions but also empower you with the resources necessary for an advantage in modern business. Mut-Con also has a range of outsourced functions.

We give our clients the advantage of world-class professionals at a fraction of the cost.



How can Mut-Con Help your Business


New Business Insights


At Mut-Con we believe your ideas need a fair shot at business success and we partner with you to bring them to life. We believe the right strategies can bring business success from any idea; provided, YOU, the entrepreneur has passion for the idea.

Our insights help clients formulate strategies to beat the competition and capture the market, even in the most competitive markets.


Get Started

Mut-Con was built to partner with aspiring and operating entrepreneurs to help them find business success. This is our mission and defines our purpose at all times.

We give aspiring entrepreneurs the resources they need to competitively bring their ideas to life. At all times, we constantly revise our product catalog to make sure we are the one stop shop for successfully getting a business off the ground.

We appreciate the importance of handling all our clients’ needs because:

  1. Bundling products keeps them affordable for new businesses, with affordable resources,
  2. Our clients work with a partner that understands their overall vision and puts it forward in all clients’ resources
  3. Increasing our product range makes more resources accessible to smaller businesses,
  4. Understanding and offering more products increases our ability to give our clients success, particularly new and small businesses

Our mission is to give new and small businesses advantages larger companies have at a fraction of the cost. We research and analyze industry trends and use our knowledge to give our clients a competitive advantage.

Together with clients, we plan for success with comprehensive business plans. We also help clients put their brands out with professional marketing and PR materials like company profiles, websites and business cards.

Mut-Con understands how much your business means to you, so we don’t spare any effort in making sure it succeeds. We can help you start your business with:

  • Business Registrations
  • Business Plans
  • Company Profiles
  • Websites
  • Company Logos
  • Business Cards
  • Social Media Profiles
  • Full Month Consultation


Validate your Idea

Converting an idea to a profitable business can be very tough. At Mut-Con, we help clients validate if there is a viable and feasible business from the idea they have.

This means assessing the availability of both the resources and a market for their proposed business. We go further to help clients create the platform and market if their idea is revolutionary and groundbreaking.

We don’t fear competitive markets, we revel in them. We assist clients to build brands with solid value propositions that set them apart even in fiercely contested markets.

Because our clients go into business to be profitable, we help them discover all revenue lines so they can diversify their offering.

This diversity also helps clients’ brands be more resilient and survive business challenges. We help future entrepreneurs:

  • Understand your Product/ Service
  • Value Proposition
  • Feasibility Study
  • Monetization Strategies
  • Viability Study
  • Customer Analysis & Acquisition Strategy
  • Competition Analysis & Strategy
  • Brand Strategy


Financing your Business

Financing a new business presents a greater challenge than is immediately apparent to many entrepreneurs. In addition to a large number of challenges new businesses can face after getting funding, some can be operated adequately with limited capital.

Mut-Con helps clients determine their optimal capital needs as well as the best options to source investments. We ensure clients get the best terms available to them so that business finance remains sustainable.

Above all, we help clients with business structures that minimize initial capital and align funds with growth.  Our services include:

  • Funds Needs Assessment
  • Assess Funding Options
  • Implications of Each Source
  • Alternative Capital Funding
  • Frugal Business Models
  • Align Growth to Available Funds
  • Online Theme & Content


Analytics & Data Insights


Mut-Con provides Analytics as a Service (AAAS). We help clients;

  1. Deploy and run their analytics themselves.
  2. Deploy analytics projects that we run for them.

At Mut-Con we believe analytics answers pertinent questions in business and gives an advantage. We, therefore, emphasize projects that glean deep insights, as opposed to grand ventures that give no real value.

We encourage organizations to use all data available to them and involve everyone, making analytics part of its culture. At Mut-Con, our clients get a complete strategy that includes;

  • The right data sources
  • The right tools
  • Turning metrics and trends into actionable insights
  • Applying insights and evolving the analytics strategy
  • The right KPIs

Analytics is a true passion for Mut-Con. We believe through it, business can better understand products, processes, services, markets and online assets. From the operational advantages gained through effective analytics, we partner with our clients for success.


Big Data Solutions

At Mut-Con, we deal in business insights, and our big data services are not any different. We help organizations align their data strategies with organizational goals.

We understand clients are looking for root causes and not trends, and that’s what we glean for them.  We, therefore, emphasize the business component, not algorithms and models.

We place value on people who can use data to answer pertinent business questions, not just the tools that aggregate it. Our services include:

  • Data Collection Solutions
  • Data Refinement Solutions
  • Align Data & Organizational Strategies
  • Extract Meaningful Insights
  • Implement Insights & Refine Process
  • Data Analytics Frameworks


Product Analytics

User feedback is the cornerstone of successful product development. More valuable is the feedback brands get from clients interacting with their products, not just from surveys.

Mut-Con seeks to empower brands to understand how their end users interact with their products and what challenges they face.

This helps clients build on critical functions while removing challenges that put clients off. This is a critical first step in increasing ease of use, a hallmark of client satisfaction and retention.

This data-driven approach can also help brands understand additional uses for their products. We all know, there are a thousand uses for the paper clip, but you’d never know them except from the people who use them.

Armed with this knowledge, brands can accommodate these users into their products and increase their market. Our clients use product data to:

  • Define Personas
  • Understand Alternative Uses
  • Understand Opportunities for Product Improvement
  • Define User Flows & Craft Experience Maps
  • Evaluate Product Defects
  • Plan Future Products
  • Understand Critical Bottlenecks


Process Analytics

Every business that has to deliver relies on one process or more. Businesses need to understand the capabilities of their processes so they can deliver consistently.

As any chain is only as strong as its weakest link, businesses need to ensure that every stage of the process can support the business’ deliverables.

Mut-Con helps clients with understanding and optimizing operational processes to increase their capacities and reduce their vulnerabilities.

Together with clients, we develop data-oriented strategies to combat down times and do more with limited resources.Using data, our clients can:

  • Reduce Downtime
  • Detect Patterns, Trends & Anomalies
  • Pro-actively Diagnose Operational Issues
  • Smooth Link Interactions
  • Understand Link Capacities
  • Understand Process Capacities


Service Analytics

At Mut-Con we strive to help our client provide an intuitive service that predicts their customers’ needs before the customers know it themselves. By collecting data from the equipment they service, we can help clients detect and prevent faults before they occur.

This obviously saves the clients’ money by replacing faulty components before they affect the rest of the equipment.

This data can be used when sourcing components to avoid sub-par suppliers. Mut-Con clients issue warranties with more confidence with data-driven warranty terms.

Conflict is also reduced because our service analytics allows clients to determine if equipment failure was caused by misuse. Service analytics can:

  • Facilitate Predictive Maintenance
  • Detect Faulty Components
  • Understand Demographic & Geographic Factors
  • Detect Underperforming Components
  • Informed Warranty Terms
  • Detect Warranty Violations


Market Analytics

In the digital age, businesses are in a better position to fully understand their market. Clients leave more footprints online and it‘s tougher for the competition to hide their advantages.

At Mut-Con, we help our clients analyze internal and external data so they can better understand their clients and beat the competition.

We also help clients leverage data to understand new product and new market opportunities.  All this leads to a scientific way to capture, retain and satisfy a company’s market.

With marketing taking up so much of companies’ operational budgets, this definitely beats calculated guessing. With market analytics, our clients can:

  • Analyse their competition
  • Map New Market Opportunities
  • Target Marketing Efforts
  • Manage Customer Churn
  • Map Cross-Channel Marketing Efforts
  • Understand Customer Purchase Journey
  • Measure ROI from Marketing Efforts


Web Analytics

With millions upon millions of websites competing for web surfers’ attention, all the traffic websites get is important. Businesses need to make the most of any visitors they get.

Mut-Con helps clients to track their visitors so they can better understand their website strengths and weaknesses. Armed with this data, our clients can optimize their users’ experience.

We also help clients analyze industry-wide data to make sure they have the best assets online. But this data isn’t of much use without any goals for the site.

We help clients determine the right goals for their site, aligning them with organizational goals. We then proceed to set up appropriate goal tracking and reporting for these goals.

Our clients can use these insights to make sure their online assets are contributing to organizational goals. Understand your online asset’s:

  • Audience Attributes
  • Traffic Sources
  • Cross-Device/Platform Adoption
  • User Behaviour
  • Content Engagement
  • Conversion Funnel
  • Visitor Loyalty & Recency


Finance, Reporting & Taxation


At Mut-Con, clients don’t just get outsourced accounting or tax services, they get complete financial management. We appreciate how good financial management is key to business success. Because of this, we strive to go above and beyond basic accounting and compliance.

Many can report what is happening on the ground, Mut-Con seeks to create systems that align organizational goals with the use of financial resources.

Without these, objectives cannot be achieved, and we help clients ensure their finances are the support system they need to be.


Accounting & Audit

Small businesses need to understand how they utilize their limited resource towards their goals. This is why Mut-Con helps clients plan, implement and constantly audit their accounting systems.

We emphasize the importance of auditing not only the accounts of the businesses but the systems themselves.

This is because of the importance of making sure they are continuously changing with the needs of a growing business. Matching needs with accounting tools is becoming increasingly difficult as businesses become more spoilt for choice.

Mut-Con clients get advice on the important criteria for their businesses including pricing and reporting capabilities.

With us, clients build a capable accounting system that scales with their businesses and safeguards precious resources. Our services include help with:

  • ERP and Accounting Tools
  • Transaction Processing & Reconciliation
  • Cash-flow Analysis & Projection
  • Financial Statements
  • Management Accounts
  • Accounts & Systems Audits


Financial Reporting

Financial reporting is the art in the science of financial management. Every business needs to understand how resources are being implemented to achieve goals. At Mut-Con we help clients interpret financial results against organizational goals.

This leads to a more data-oriented approach to resource planning and utilization that advances the organization’s objectives. Our clients get intuitive dashboards that tell different users their areas of advantage and targets for improvement.

We also create a system of forwarding and backward variance analysis. With this, financial management is a continuous improvement process that takes into account constantly changing business circumstances. Our services include:

  • KPI Tracking
  • Variance Analysis
  • Data  Insights Model
  • Performance Dashboards
  • Data Visualization
  • Actionable Feedback



Tax & Compliance

After all he had said and done, Pablo Escobar went to prison for tax evasion. Moral of the story, poor tax management will always come back to haunt anyone. At Mut-Con, we help businesses of all sizes stay compliant, particularly small ones.

Because it might not matter today while you are small, it will one day, so we make sure our clients get off on the right foot. We also help clients strategize their tax policies.

Tax evasion is very bad, but there is no law against structuring your business and finance to minimize your tax burden. With Mut-Con, you can avoid taxes, not evade them. Our services include:

  • Tax Registrations
  • Outsourced Tax Computations
  • Tax Compliance Audits
  • Tax Avoidance Strategies
  • Tax Claims & Rebates
  • Tax Consulting


Online Strategy & Web Development


The online world provides a level playing field, where even the smallest businesses can compete with industry giants. This is the drive behind Mut-Con’s commitment to helping clients develop online assets that convert.

Increased competition means it’s now tougher to win online though, so we help clients with strategy that wins.

With our services, clients can build brands that stay at the top of the mind of their market. They can also establish their tone and set themselves apart, even in the most fiercely competed markets.

We encourage clients to steer their online assets as much as possible, only contributing technical aspects and a guiding hand. We believe their unique understanding of their market puts them in a better position to develop strategy for their user’s experiences.

The online world is becoming increasingly intimate and personal, brands need to actively direct their online conversations. At Mut-Con, we give clients to build real relationships online.


Web Development

For Mut-Con, a website is a valuable asset that must achieve business goals. Because of this, our focus is always websites that convert; allow customers to achieve what they came online for.

We cater to the essentials like speed and compatibility, but we invest more in the less obvious components. With more and more attributes becoming important for a usable website, we make sure even our smallest clients have the best online presence.

Looking for a website that is more than just an online catalogue, then Mut-Con is your desired partner. We have the formula to balance design and usability. Mut-Con develops:

  • Engaging Content
  • Mobile-First Responsive Design
  • Speed & UX Optimization
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Cross-Device, Platform & Browser Compatibility
  • Call to Actions
  • Good User Flow
  • Aesthetic Brand Aligned Design


Social Media Management

Social media remains the path to building a strong community behind a brand. It gives the opportunity to interact in real-time with clients and stay top of their minds. In a world of consistently dwindling attention spans, no brand can afford to miss out.

At Mut-Con, we help clients identify which platforms are ideal for their brand. We also help clients develop a consistent tone across their platforms to boost brand recognition.

With a good social media strategy you can:

  • Build your Brand
  • Real-Time Customer Engagement
  • Generate Leeds
  • Reach a Global Audience
  • Invaluable Feed Back
  • Create Relationships with Clients
  • Give your Brand Personality
  • Boost your SEO


Global & Local Directory Listings

Online competition is increasingly becoming fierce as more businesses scramble to build their advantage. Being right where clients search for your services is an absolute must.

At Mut-Con, we help clients identify and utilize relevant directory services that make them prominent in local searches and generate valuable leads.

With local SEO becoming even more important, we are helping clients appear in searches by users with a buying intent. List your business to:

  • Boost your Local SEO
  • Inexpensive Marketing Channels
  • Develop Brand Image
  • Get Relevant Leads
  • Increase Online Authority
  • Appear on Search Engines
  • Get Client Reviews

Business Planning & Documents


Business planning is the first step to any entrepreneurial journey, and Mut-Con clients get off on the right foot. We believe an entrepreneur lives in all of us, all that’s needed is the right support.

That’s what our business planning services do, assist entrepreneurs to turn dreams into successful businesses.

Mut-Con crafts documents that help clients talk to the relevant stakeholder. Whether you want to attract investors or clients, we know the formula that will bring them on board.


Business Plans

Mut-Con business plans give clients a guide to successfully start and run their businesses. We help entrepreneurs craft a compelling vision and then plan for resources that can bring this vision to life.

We do the heavy lifting so that you can concentrate on what you came into business for, serving clients. Regardless of how crowded your market is, together we can come up with a strategy to carve your niche.

Our approach to analyzing the market and competition is data-oriented, that’s why our strategies always win. Whether you plan to use your business plan to seek funding or otherwise, we have you covered. We give our clients full financials.

These can be designed to pitch to potential investors or to support an entrepreneur looking to bootstrap their operation. Our business plans include:

  • Vision, Mission & Goal Statements
  • Market Analysis
  • Competition Analysis
  • Management & Personnel Structure
  • Full Financials
  • Operational Strategy
  • Comprehensive SWOT Analysis
  • Supporting Documentation


Projection & Forecasting

Contrary to popular belief, most businesses do not fail from a lack of profitability, they fail because of cash flows running dry. This is the reason Mut-Con dedicates itself to help clients forecast their fundamentals to ensure their business has the lifeblood to stay alive, cash-flows.

Additionally, we help clients create contingencies to deal with variabilities in the future. Our projections and forecasts include:

  • Financial Projections
  • Cash-flow Forecasting
  • Capital Needs Forecasting
  • Technological Needs Forecasting
  • Risk Mitigation Strategies
  • Execution Timelines
  • Growth Strategies
  • Macro Environment Projections


Company Profiles

A good company profile immediately informs potential clients what the company is about and what they can benefit from joining your family. A well-crafted company profile goes a long way in helping you convert more prospects into clients.

At Mut-Con, we emphasize crafting a compelling value proposition. This immediately sets your business apart from the crowd, even in a very competitive market. It also acts as a constant reminder of what the company set out to achieve for clients. We don’t skimp on design either.

Company profiles are made for the eyes about as much as they are made for the mind. We make sure our client’s profiles keep their clients reading on. Our company profiles include:

  • Define your Value Proposition
  • Communicate your Purpose
  • Communicate your Core Values
  • Establish your Brand
  • Communicate your Brand
  • Establish Trustworthiness
  • Communicate Notable Events
  • Aesthetic Design


Research & Testing


Mut-Con gives clients the opportunity to assemble the best product development team, the end users. We assist clients develop strategies to collect, analyze and implement customer feedback into decision-making so that their product development is a process of continuous improvement. Take guesswork and inference out; ask your clients directly.



Incorporate the voice of your clients in decision making and better understand your market. Mut-Con helps clients collect rich quantitative and qualitative data that can add the “why” and the “how” to the “what”.

Beyond that, we help clients analyze their data to get actionable insights that can be applied to improve their businesses.


A/B & Multivariate Testing

Brands work hard to improve their client’s experiences and increase their loyalty. It’s not unheard of though for these “improvements” to actually result in more dissatisfied customers than before their introduction.

Particularly online where change can be fast and consumers are very critical, “improvements” can be completely disastrous.

At Mut-Con we help clients mitigate this risk by helping them test proposed changes with their audience and see if they strike a chord.

Give your clients the opportunity to choose how you can better satisfy them.


Controlled Experiments

Mut-Con helps clients bring the scientific method to decision making because sometimes you just can’t prove your ideas in a live environment.

Our clients get a better understanding of factors affecting business by testing them one at a time.

At the end of it all, they can drill down on factors that give their business an advantage, not randomly adopt options until they find one that works.


Our Value Proposition

We partner with entrepreneurs so they can find business success. Mut-Con was built from a recognized need for affordable and scale-able business consulting and advisory. What this means for our clients is:

  1. No matter the size or type of your business, we can help you start and grow it
  2. Our solutions will always be unique to you and affordable
  3. And most importantly, if you have a business vision, to us, you are an entrepreneur, and we can help you succeed

We strive to give our clients all the resources necessary for a modern-day business to succeed.  Mut-Con invests in research and analysis of all developments in the business world so our clients can stay ahead.

Mut-Con clients beat the competition and capture the market, while they do what they like, and share their passions with the world. That is what entrepreneurship is to us, sharing your passion with the world profitably.

We are committed to consulting, advisory and insights

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