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From the onset, our key value has always been value (see what we did there?). When you deal with entrepreneurs, young ones, new ones, the barons of the start-up, you get to live a life of seeing ideas brought to life, norms challenged, passions shared, economies built, challenges overcome, and in an environment like that, you can’t help but feel a drive to make a difference. And that is the foundation we built our business on, a platform for entrepreneurs to answer to where the devil lies, the detail, or more importantly have that little inconvenience handled on their behalf, so they can concentrate on what really matters, their passions. And an all in one advisory house was born, a partner for the entrepreneur to handle the small, and the big matters, affordably and scale-ably, while you are enterprising.  And to understand just how much we could realise this mission, we thought up a perhaps interesting story of a client brought to success by Mut-Con.


Being a collective of sappy romantics, we imagined a girl receiving a gift from her caring boyfriend, nice pair of shoes, heels probably, smashing little things, and in them she’s the envy of her neighbourhood, and everyone wants a pair, but the caring boyfriend had to move mountains just to get them, because the shoes are not exactly easy to get and everyone else is just not invested in overcoming the inconvenience. In that the girl sees an opportunity, overcome the inconvenience at a profit for her admirers, she has always been fashion savvy, and fashion is her passion, and she thinks what better thing to do than share her passion profitably.


But all she has is an idea, an ecommerce fashion site, a passion, fashion, an opportunity, a degree of laziness in her neighbours, and she’s smart, she knows she needs more to build a successful fashion empire. She needs

  • A solid business plan with all the trimmings investors love
  • A solid company profile to communicate her value proposition to her clients
  • Ideas for funding
  • A pitch deck
  • She needs to understand the ownership structures that will benefit her
  • A logistic plan which won’t break the bank
  • And of-course the site to sell from


Logically, she consults, but she has to visit so many sages one for each function she needs, it’s an unfruitful endeavour, seeing the sages individually racks up a small fortune, and not all are as sage as advertised. But then there’s the brilliance of Mut-Con to save the day, what if she could get all she needs to get her empire started under one roof, with a commitment to quality and affordability, with scale-ability that grows with her.


So we set her upon the right path;

  • Help her register a company
  • Assist her with tax compliance and a good set of business documents (Business Plan, Company Profile, Pitch Deck)
  • Get her very affordable hosting a free WordPress template, a free SLL certificate and from that she gets a good payment solution.
  • We negotiate direct delivery from her suppliers, no inventory, no risk, no transport costs, she’s running a lean start-up
  • Total cap-ex is a laptop, connection to the internet and a phone


With a start-up so lean, all the investment she needs is a little loan from gogo, who enjoyed the pitch much.


We share our two cents about social media, business listings and giving your business an online voice, she’s a natural. Her blog posts make fashion seem like a staple food. Business booms, so we get her an affordable CRM and ERP, do her books for her, she’s running a professional outfit. She’s smart and she wants to scale, so we use innovative tools to find her aligned products. She loves her clients and wants to incorporate their voice so we get her hooked on analytics, surveys and testing. We bump that freebie up onto a fancier theme with more real estate to place what her clients are asking for.


Word around the pond is that people are asking about her, so we invest in some serious SEO for her brand, and some paid advertising for her products. Her real estate is now prime, we get her extra cash by putting her site on an ad network. We build intuitive dashboards that give her a better understanding of her processes, and mining her data helps better understand her clients, products and services, while broader analytics helps her understand the competition.


She’s staying ahead of the curve, minimizing costs, minimizing churn, building loyalty, maximizing revenue and most importantly, building sustainable value. Gogo gets a ridiculous ROI and buys that herd of Brahman she’s always wanted. We could go on to tell you how we took her national, regional then global, but that’s a story for another day, look out for it.


Today’s story is about how we created a world class business with a grade A strategist, financial manager, tax accountant, marketer, data analyst, web master, customer experience manager, all for a fraction of the costs of a single one.


That is our vision of business advisory, if you think that story is not in the realm of possibility, then try Mut-Con, we are here to re-define possible.






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