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This post was most recently updated on March 2nd, 2018

Mut-Con Consulting and Advisory

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We are committed to consulting, advisory and insights

Mut-Con is a consulting and advisory firm built to partner with entrepreneurs and business to help them achieve their visions. We built Mut-Con to provide clients with insights that can give them the edge over their competition. At Mut-Con, we believe in a data and analytics approach to everything. Our goal is to help clients leverage the data their businesses generate across all their operations and take the guesswork out of decision making.


Mut-Con’s products include;

New Business Insights

Analytics and Data Insights

Finance, Reporting and Tax Compliance

Business Planning and Documents

Online Strategy and Web Development

Business Culture, Trends and Forecasts


Our Passions at Mut-Con

We are passionate about entrepreneurship and business and are fully committed to the success of client’s business. Our guiding principles are scale and affordability. We are committed to universal access to advisory, consultation and business insights, and we built our business to allow operations of all sizes to take advantage of our offerings.

To achieve this scale and affordability, our model allows clients to pick different products or elements of products and create their own packages. We believe in solutions more than products and that’s what our packages provide.


The Mut-Con Process

Our collection of experts collaborates to give you valuable insights across your organizational functions and give you the resources to run your business, such as business plans, company profiles, logos and websites. We also handle outsourced business functions for our clients such as tax computations, submissions, accounting, reporting and audit. Our true passion lies in analytics, and we strive to assist organizations to apply analytics projects to better understand their products, processes, markets, services and websites.

We mainly provide analytics as a service (AAAS), meaning we can either help you deploy your project and let you run it yourself, or we can do the deployment and management of the project for you. We believe that true analytics answers pertinent questions in your business, and should be a culture throughout your organization, utilizing even the most basic of data sources and tools, as opposed to grand projects that give no insights.


Know Mut-Con Better

We would really love for our clients to know us better, and we have put together few catalogues that contain information about us and our products. We also have an FAQ section, if you can’t find what you are looking for in there, please submit your question here, we are always looking to improve from your feedback.

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